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         Nashville Medical Research Institute

                         "Dedicated to enhancing medical knowledge."

     We provide Nashville and the surrounding communities with access to the newest medical therapies and products under development by the pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

     We combine the necessary elements to perform thorough and exacting research. Our goal is to enhance the development of new products, medications and practices to benefit mankind.

     We stand by this philosophy with dedication and commitment. Our patients trust and believe in us, while our clients depend upon our proven success.

     Nashville Medical Research Institute is currently looking for people to participate in clinical trials. If you or someone you know has any of the following conditions you/they could be eligible to participate. In Most cases study drug and physical exams are at no cost to you.

We are currently seeking patients with the following diagnoses:

Hepatitis C -Treatment Naive, Non-Responders/Partial Responders and Null Responders

Ulcerative Colitis - Active

Crohn's Disease - Moderate to Severely Active disease

OA/RA - with Cardiovascular Disease or risk of disease

We will soon be enrolling in the following diagnoses:

Hepatitis C (Multiple Studies pending)

Hypercholesterolemia with high cardiac risks

Moderate to Severe Plaque Psoriasis

Call (615) 383-1727 to see if you qualify!